2nd Therapist: Done

I went to my appointment with the second therapist and it went really well! The session was fifty minutes long and the couch was comfy. I think I’m going to go with the second therapist because I got a more comfy vibe from her. I even cried a little bit when talking about how Alex’s family is so supportive and has always shown me unconditional love – something I didn’t know I wasn’t getting from my own family until I actually experienced it. I’m looking forward to diving into my childhood trauma even though it’s going to be hard; it’s important for me to accept and love myself without needing to try to “fix” everything.

The weather today has been so wet, grey, and dark. Luckily my therapy appointment got me out of bed earlier than usual otherwise I almost certainly would have stayed under the covers all day. I pretty much just played video games all afternoon but that’s better than sleeping all day.

In other news, I had ordered some flooring samples a few days ago and those arrived shortly before dinnertime. The flooring we currently have wasn’t laid properly and the living/dining room has completely different flooring to the entryway, so we’re thinking of doing all of the downstairs flooring at the same time so it’ll finally be consistent throughout. As for the samples, I ordered a mix of LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) and laminate but I’m still unsure whether we should spend the extra money for the LVT as it’s water resistant. To be fair, the quality of all of the samples is pretty good! The lightest one is the cheapest and it’s kind of obvious because the printed image on the tile isn’t as high quality and the “embossing” is very basic and doesn’t follow the grain pattern of the image. I think my favourite one out of these five samples is the second darkest called “Irish Oak”. It’s toward the top of the price range I’m looking at so that’s annoying. I think if it was a little more warm toned it would be perfect so I’ve ordered another couple of samples to see if those are better suited to our style. We have yet to see the samples in daylight, though, so maybe I’ll have a change of heart! Regardless, it feels like choosing the flooring for the entire downstairs is a big decision to make so we don’t want to get it wrong.

After dinner tonight I went upstairs and worked on my large painting a bit more. I’m pretty satisfied with the sketching so I just painted over those areas with some turquoise. I would have painted more but I need to wait for the paint to dry so that’ll have to wait until tomorrow.