Boxing Day Movie Night

Author’s Note: This journal entry was written on December 27th, 2022 however the photos are from the day itself.

We left the in-laws in the morning and spent the afternoon at home hanging out with the cats. Of course there were a couple of puke piles when we got home – the joys of owning cats – but other than that they were fine. I played Just Dance 2023 for a little bit and it was so much fun even though I got very sweaty very quickly. Once I finished, Alex and I watched episode six of season 2 of The White Lotus and then set off to join the family for movie night. We had a quick bite to eat once we got there and then we made popcorn and watched the new Knives Out movie called Glass Onion. I thought the movie was okay, but I found the beginning half dragged on way too long. When the movie was over we drove back home and chilled with the cats.