Dancing & Gaming

It’s been a really chill day at home. The build up to Christmas and then the day itself really took a lot out of me and Alex so we’ve just been enjoying having free time to do whatever we want. I played Just Dance 2023 again for a bit and then spent the rest of the afternoon working on my latest city in Cities: Skylines. The cats have been so glad to have us back at home, too. Dolores curled up with me while I played games and right now she’s cuddling with Alex and Ichabod on the sofa.

In other news…

So on Christmas evening my dad told me that my grandma (his mom) has pancreatic cancer. She’s 93 and has dementia and/or alzheimer’s so she’s been in a care home for a while, but this is the first family member I’ve known to have cancer so the information was really shocking. It still is, really. Anyway, I got an update from my dad and apparently there’s a tumor on her pancreas where the bile duct connects to the gallbladder. From what I’ve seen online, it doesn’t look like the prognosis is very good for a 93 year old woman. On the bright side, the nurses at the hospital have said that my grandma has been singing and walking around and seems to want to chat with anyone and everyone so at least she’s in good spirits. My dad said he’ll update me when he knows more.

So yeah that’s a lot to take in.

I’m sad about it and I’m sad that my grandma is likely going to die from this. It also makes me feel really glad that I was able to go to New York and celebrate her 90th birthday with her a few years ago. My grandma hasn’t really been “there” for a while and even when we saw her back then she didn’t really remember anyone. I do wonder if my dad or his siblings will have pancreatic issues, and I also wonder if any of it will get passed down to me and my brothers, too. Pretty morbid to think about, but that’s what I’ve been thinking about.

Not sure how to end this journal entry so… See you tomorrow.