He Would Be Home Soon [story]

How long ago was it since she had been to his apartment? She tried to remember as she flicked the light switch on by the door. Pausing for a moment, she held her breath and listened. Nothing. The apartment was different to how she remembered: colder, maybe, but definitely cleaner than before. When had he stopped leaving his shoes by the door, she wondered, moving slowly down the hallway. He had always kicked his shoes off the minute he came home and it drove her insane.

She moved through the apartment carefully, her brain perfectly remembering the layout. She should have called first, or even sent an email, but when she found her old key she couldn’t help herself. Of course she was curious to see how he was doing, especially since she hadn’t seen or heard from him in almost six months. A part of her felt entitled to check up on him and see how he was doing, and another part just wanted answers.

The cheap venetian blinds that used to cover the living room windows were gone, replaced instead by floor-length drapes. Even the furniture was new. She reached the bedroom door and gripped the door knob, twisting it gingerly and pushing forward into the room. A small sigh escaped her when she realized he had finally gotten rid of his small lumpy mattress that she could never convince him to throw away. Seeing how well he was doing without her in his life gave her heart the tiniest twinge of sadness. It’s funny how a guy could get away with treating a girl so terribly and still come out on top. She couldn’t help but scoff at the irony.

Furrowing her brow, she turned on her heel and walked to the kitchen. She threw the refrigerator door wide open and scanned the shelves for a moment before grabbing the juiciest looking tomato she could find. Slamming the door shut, she reached for a knife off the counter before marching back to the bedroom. She stood at the foot of the bed, tomato juice running down her arms as she carved deeper into the fruit.

With force, she hurled the tomato at the headboard. Pieces flew across the room, the mangled fruit bouncing onto the bed and staining the white sheets with flecks of bright red. Vindication flowed through her as she beamed with satisfaction, wiping her hands on the bed sheets before using them to clean the blade of the knife. He would be home soon.

So… That was just a little bit of creative writing for today’s post! I’ve got this book called 712 More Things to Write About that has a ton of writing prompts and ideas, and today’s prompt was inspired by one of the ones in the book.

Anyway, here are some pictures of my cat Beatrice and also a few mirror shots of me with my camera. See you guys tomorrow!