We went to IKEA today and now I am feeling both exhausted and overjoyed, but overall it has been a very good day!

You might think waking up at 7am on a Saturday is a little less than ideal and under normal circumstances you would be absolutely right. Since it’d been such a long time since our last trip to IKEA we knew we had to get up early in order to get in and out of there before being consumed by the sea of tired parents and screaming infants. It usually takes us a good four hours to make it through IKEA, especially if we’re doing a bit of browsing, but today we were able to have breakfast, do our shopping, and make it out alive in under 2 hours! Truly a remarkable feat, if I may say so myself.

As I’ve mentioned before, I was really keen on nabbing shelves and cabinets for the living/dining room of our flat, but we were also on a mission to pick up some wall-mounted nightstands and storage containers for the wardrobe. Here’s a breakdown of what we got, incase you’re interested:

  • VALJE wall cabinet, white x2
  • VALJE wall cabinet with 1 door, white x3 (there were only 2 in stock, so we’ll have to go back and get the third!)
  • EKBY TONY shelf x2
  • EKBY LERBERG bracket, grey x6
  • KUGGIS box with lid x10 medium, 1 large

We also picked up a few other things for the house — a replacement bowl, a few glasses, a mirror for my desk, far too many candles — but all in all I feel very satisfied about the things we were able to find. It’s amazing to think that we’ve been living in this flat for almost a year and there are still things we need to do to make it feel complete. I’m excited to have some shelves in the living area which means we’ll finally be able to put things somewhere other than the table.

Tomorrow’s going to be another busy day for us since we’re having my father-in-law around to help us put up all of the shelves and cabinets, so I better go rest up. Enjoy today’s photos and I’ll see you tomorrow!