Being Too Hard on Myself

If there’s one thing I’m constantly having to remind myself not to do, it’s being too hard on myself. I feel like I’ve spent so much time dwelling on the little things I could have done differently or shouldn’t have done in the first place. Beating myself up about mistakes and missed opportunities didn’t change me into a better person and it certainly didn’t make me feel better about myself. Instead of giving myself constructive criticism, I was given a lot of resentment and issues that I’ll be working through for many years to come.

Over the last year I’ve seen lots of people talking about the importance of practicing self-care and self-love, something that can often be oversimplified to the point where it becomes frustrating if results aren’t instantly attainable. I’m the type of person who has very little patience when it comes to improving the state of my mental health, but I’m working on it. In 2015 I took a lot of time to reflect, but my lack of goals made it difficult to see progress or results. Eventually I ran myself into the ground and my only option was to heave myself out of the massive pit and get my shit together.

Setting longterm goals with a clear finish line made it a whole lot easier for me. One of them was to build my confidence by starting this 2016 Photo Journal and look at me now! It’s been nearly three months and I feel a little less lost than I did at the start of the year. Another goal I set was to get my diploma in Interior Design, but I’m still working on that. Some days I don’t feel the best, and that’s okay. I have to remind myself of the progress I’ve made in the last few months, and I have to remember how far I’ve come. It’s so easy to beat myself up and dwell on all of that awful shit that’ll keep me awake at night but it’s so important to look at the work I’m doing and where I’m headed.

So this is just a reminder to myself:

Hey, you’re doing great and you’re allowed to have bad days. You’re being too hard on yourself.

day 89 being too hard on myself


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