Brexit, AKA the Darkest Timeline

First of all let me just say that I am extremely disappointed by the results of the EU referendum. It is so disheartening and frankly just fucking terrible to know that older generations have voted to leave the EU without thinking of their children and their grandchildren’s futures.  It blows my mind that a group of people voted to ruin their own economies. There are so many fantastic tweets and articles if you don’t know what Brexit is or why it is a terrible idea or how it will affect every single person in the UK. Basically, today is an embarrassing day for England, unless you’re a xenophobic racist. It’s downright shameful that 51.9% of the UK voted to leave the EU based on false claims that £350m would be given to the NHS as a result of Brexit.

But I’ve had enough huffing and puffing for one day, and I’m sure those links and many more people on the internet have already done a swell job of pinpointing all of the many reasons why leaving the EU is the worst thing the UK could possibly do right now. In other news, I’ve finally finished off all of my assignments for my module and I’m probably going to upload them after I finish this journal entry. The last couple of assignments were pretty simple although that didn’t stop me from getting a little stuck on the finer details. In the end I just had to revisit the email from my tutor and hope that it all works out. I’m submitting the assignments tonight just so I can spend the next few days guilt-free, preferably in the sun or playing Sims 4.

Speaking of The Sims 4, the final installment of my Modern Zen speed build is now public so I’ll be sure to embed the video below. Aside from the terrible news of the EU referendum, today has been all right. I’m very pleased that I finished my assignments so that I can actually enjoy the weekend for a change! Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for you today. I’ll see you tomorrow!

day 176 brexit aka the darkest timeline