Fun Day at the Gym

The weather has been all over the place today! One minute the sun is shining brightly, and the next thing you know there’s thunder and torrential rainstorms. We had planned on having a little picnic today before going to the gym and luckily the rain didn’t last too long to ruin our plans, although we did have to trudge through the rain to get to the shops. Fortunately for us, the rain had stopped by the time we settled down at a picnic table to eat.

I’m still recovering from the intense arm workout I had at the gym on Wednesday, which is precisely why my husband and I pushed our workout from Friday to today. The gym was pretty much empty and our workout was really good and uplifting, which was nice! I didn’t want to overexert myself so I tried to dial back my efforts just a bit to prevent any muscle strains. Oh, and I think I may have seen the guy who was a jerk to me while we were there? I’m not 100% sure it was him and actually I’m really hoping I was being paranoid. I mentioned it to my husband while we were stretching and he mentioned when we left that the guy was acting a little weird around us. I pushed it out of my mind and let it go, knowing that if it was the same dude I would be able to handle myself if he approached me with more “advice”. But anyway, we ended our workout by climbing around on the monkey bars that are a part of the new gym equipment. It was so much fun but neither of us have as much upper body strength as we did when we were kids so we weren’t able to do a whole lot. I would really like to improve the height of my jumps and also I think it would be really cool if I could do the monkey bars all in one go. Perhaps I ought to make those my new goals at the gym? My main issue with monkey bars is that my hands get so sweaty and I slip right off. I may have to take the plunge and buy some gym gloves, haha.

Anyway, today’s been pretty good. I submitted my assignments and I’m enjoying the weekend the best that I can with no guilt or assignment-related stress! See you tomorrow!

day 177 fun day at the gym