Sunday, Fun Day!

The best day of the week to initiate an apartment-wide deep clean is definitely Sunday, and I’ll tell you why. Providing that the weather is decent and you have no other plans, cleaning is one of the most rewarding and, dare I say it, fun ways to pass the time. I haven’t deep cleaned in at least a couple of months and there’s nothing like the threat of introducing a New Kitten to the household to really set me on a roll. Honestly I think I wouldn’t have cleaned as much as we did today if we weren’t getting the kitten tomorrow, but at least the house looks great!

There are only a few extra things to take care of on the to-do list before we go to bed (i.e. fold and put away clothes) but we’ve done a lot so far. I’m excited for tomorrow when we go collect the kitten and I can practically guarantee lots of photos of her once we get home. It’s really important to me that I don’t spend all of my time with the kitten tomorrow because I don’t want Beatrice to feel neglected or left out in any way, so that’ll be interesting. I wonder if Beatrice will notice straight away or just be a little annoyed that she can’t go into the bathroom? Hopefully everything goes well.

Kittens are kinda expensive in their first few years, incase you weren’t aware. We’ve got to book an appointment for vaccinations next week and eventually get her microchipped. I’m not sure if we’ll sign up for the insurance plan with our local vet clinic just yet since that would involve paying £15 a month for reduced vet visits and discounts on vaccinations. I definitely see the benefits of it however I don’t think it’s totally necessary at this point. Perhaps we’ll change our tune in a few months, though!

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