Meet Dolores, Our New Kitten

Lookout, everybody! We have a kitten on the premises! After much debate, we’ve decided to name her Dolores. It’s tough work looking after an 8-week-old kitten, my dudes. I’m torn between spending all my time with the Dolores and then making sure I don’t neglect Beatrice, either. The two have already met but they’re both kind of scared of each other at the moment so we’re trying to take things slow. Dolores is quite needy, though, and kitten cries are the most heartbreaking. Luckily she seems to be enjoying the flat so far, and she’s having a snooze in her little hideout in the bathroom.

In other non-kitten news, I think I pulled a muscle in my left leg at the gym today but I don’t know how. When I was getting ready for the gym I heard my knee crack/pop in the same way that I usually crack my back, so maybe the muscle strain has something to do with that? I was trying to work on the height of my jumps at the end of our workout and when I did a few squats I noticed my knee felt a little painful. It didn’t feel awful or anything, but I could tell something was off. It’s always such a bummer when I mess up my knees at the gym! Hopefully this muscle strain heals quickly and doesn’t prove too much of a problem for me the rest of the week.

In terms of stress I think I’ve still got a lot weighing on my mind, so much so that my right eye has started to twitch regularly like it did this time last Summer. Perhaps this is my annual right eyelid twitch-a-thon, or maybe I seem to stress myself out so much every year that by the end of June I’m about to lose my mind? Either way it is not fun. I hate twitching eyelids so much because there is very little that you can do to stop them.

Anyway, that’s all I have for today! Here are some pictures of Dolores but don’t be fooled – she is very, very tiny in real life. See you tomorrow!

day 179 meet dolores our new kitten