The Kitten Search

I bought six avocados for less than £0.30, so I guess you might say I’m Living the High Life™. You can rest assured knowing that tomorrow I will be dining on avocado for breakfast, lunch, and probably dinner. It’s okay if you’re envious. That’s a perfectly normal reaction. Take a few moments to collect yourself.

I emailed someone about a kitten today, which exciting for a number of reasons. We’ve pretty much decided that Beatrice would most likely adapt easier to a kitten being in the house instead of a juvenile or adult cat. The kitten we might visit this weekend is white and black, and the mother is mostly white with a bit of black so I have a good feeling that the kitten would bond with Beatrice easier, too. It’s difficult to predict whether or not animals will get along with each other and Beatrice’s comfort is of the utmost importance to us. We’ve been debating this issue for a while but it’s become pretty clear that Beatrice could use some company. Sometimes she seems really bored and lonely, which leads to lots of shouting at me to play with her during the day when I’m just trying to do work. Hopefully I hear back about the kitten and we’ll go from there. I’ve been scouring the RSPCA, Blue Cross, Battersea Animal Shelter, and Gum Tree daily to see if there are any new posts about white kittens. I would prefer to adopt a kitten, however that’s always down to timing and they usually get reserved super fast.

Anyway, we’ll see where the search for a kitten takes us! In other news, I’m desperate to go back to IKEA in the next month or so. I can’t wait to buy some cabinets and build a new TV/media unit. Our current set up is a little too low for our gaze and we just don’t really like using it very much to store things since it’s so low to the ground and very difficult to see. A new media unit is definitely in order, as well as some flower boxes to go along the railings around our front and back patios! I’ve gotten slightly more confident with taking care of plants and I’m eager to get some more soon.

day 147 The Kitten Search