Wishy-Washy Weather Patterns

Don’t you just hate when the weather goes from super nice to incredibly bland and grey? Some days really feel like Summer is here and then the next day I have to wear a coat to go to the grocery store. England is sort of notorious for wishy-washy weather patterns, but I don’t remember it being this inconsistent last year.

Despite the poor weather conditions, I’ve had an okay day. Last night I was feeling a bit melancholic but I think I’m getting through whatever it is that’s bogging me down. Unfortunately, however, I think I’m catching a bit of a cold. I sneezed quite a bit today and now my voice is starting to go. I’m hoping it’s related to the changing weather, but honestly I think a bit of tonsillitis would help with my upcoming ear/nose/throat specialist appointment. If this cold worsens I’ve got a prescription for antibiotics ready to go, so I’m not too worried about it. It’s more annoying than anything else, really!

I’m getting excited for June. We’re painting the walls on the second weekend so I’m mentally preparing for all of the stuff we’ll have to take off the walls in preparation. I believe we’re also going to potentially move the dining room light so it’s closer to the actual dining room area, which sounds pretty easy but I expect we’ll have a few complications here and there. You kind of have to expect stuff to go wrong with these sorts of things so that when they do go south you’re a little more prepared than you would’ve been otherwise. It’s all down to planning, and that’s what I’m good at.

On another note, I really miss going to the movies. Last year we had a film membership that gave us unlimited access to any and all movies playing at our local cinema and it was so nice. We haven’t renewed our membership this year just yet because we’ve been diverting those funds towards other ventures – like saving up for a Playstation 4. I think we’ll get the membership again sometime this year, but it’ll likely be after we’ve got the PS4. Saving up can be frustrating when you’re just starting out but the key is to keep going until you meet your goal, because then you get to reward yourself!

Anyway, tomorrow I’m making a point to sit down and start on the other two assignments for my interior design course. I think I could probably get them done in a day or two tops if I just buckle down, so wish me luck!

day 146 wishy-washy weather patterns