Proud of Myself!

I’ve had a great day and I’m feeling quite proud of myself, so excuse me while I fluff my ego a bit.

Today’s workout was probably the best one I’ve had in weeks and I finally feel like I’m getting back into the swing of things. I spent twenty whole minutes on the elliptical and ended up doing two miles! By the time I was finished I was drenched with sweat, and then I decided to work on my arms. When it comes to arms I still feel like I’m trying to find the right workout for me but today was definitely a step in the right direction. I did chest presses and then used a medicine ball to do some bicep curls and tricep extensions and BOY do my arms feel like jelly.

I think I’m going to book a workout class sometime later this month or early June because I would really like to work on my agility and coordination and I just don’t see myself being able to do that on my own during my usual workouts. When I was a lot younger I used to love going to aerobics class and found it the perfect combination of high intensity exercise and pure fun.

In other news, I finished off the working copy of my floor plan and then traced the master copy onto tracing paper for scanning! It all went super easily since I did all of the hard work yesterday, but I did run into some issues with my drawing pen smudging on the paper if I moved on too quickly. I guess I’ve got to do a bit of research and see if I can find a set of pens that smudges less or perhaps even some tracing paper that doesn’t smudge? In the end I managed to whack the scanned image into photoshop and clean up some of the smudges so it looked a bit more professional. Tomorrow I’ll start on the second assignment which happens to be an elevation, so wish me luck!

All in all today has totally exceeded my expectations and for that I am grateful.

day 132 proud of myself