Peaks and Pits

There are a lot of things going through my mind and I keep starting this journal entry a million different ways so I’m just going to start with a list.

Reasons Why Today Was So Great
  • Made delicious cold brew iced coffee
  • Began the first sketch of my second technical drawing – an elevation, to be exact
  • Listened to a bunch of early 2000s pop jams
  • Did my makeup and gave myself winged eyeliner
  • Tinkered with some podcast ideas
  • Skyped with a couple of lovely ladies
  • Played Town of Salem with the aforementioned lovely ladies
  • Had a dope dinner and then waffles with strawberries for dessert
  • Bought my first bunch of peonies of the season, which also happened to be the last bunch of peonies at the store

So in a nutshell, I’m feeling pretty great. The last few days have been very nice and I’m very thankful that I’m on an upswing at the moment. Not to sound too pessimistic or anything, but I am curious as to when I’ll hit the peak of all this positivity and start my way back down. Life is a series of peaks and pits, and if I’ve learned anything of the last year it’s that you’ve got to take the good with bad. It’s okay, though, because I know I can handle whatever life throws at me.

This weekend I wanted to go look at Dyson fans in town but then I changed my mind because I’m worried I’ll be encouraging myself to spend more than I should. Instead we’re opting to stay close to home although we do have a little list of things to pick up at the shop on Saturday (i.e. hair products and new tooth brushes, for the most part).

As I mentioned above in my list, I began working on the second assignment of my latest module and it’s going surprisingly well! I’ve decided that I need to buy some A3 graph paper, though, because apparently I’m pretty terrible when it comes to right angles. Nonetheless, I’ll see if I can find some when we’re out shopping this weekend but now that I’m almost done with my assignments I suppose it’s not entirely crucial. Either way I’m sure it will be useful at some point during the rest of my course!

day 133 peaks and pits