Upstairs Neighbors

The A3 drawing board I ordered was delivered today and it has made it so much easier to do technical drawings! No more guessing whether or not my lines are absolutely parallel, because this little bad boy has a magnetic parallel motion to guide me. That’s right folks, I’m head over heels for this gadget. I can’t believe I didn’t order it sooner, honestly.

Anyway, it’s Friday night and our upstairs neighbors are having a party so we’re attempting to dampen the noise by playing music really loudly and it’s working for the most part, I suppose. We were coming back from the shops around 7 this evening and we saw a group of people waiting on the front steps of the building so we knew straight away what the deal was. Some of them turned and looked at us as we walked up and then they got buzzed in and none of them held the door for us so I had to run to catch it before it swung shut. Like, who doesn’t hold the door for someone? Especially if you make eye contact moments before? So bizarre, really.

If they’re still being loud around 1am then we’ll go up and say something, but dang. When these neighbors moved in back in January we brought them a bottle of wine and to say ‘welcome’ and introduce ourselves. The favor was never returned and now I regret being so generous, haha. Around this time last year we had a party in our flat but the main difference between us and them is that we actually let everyone else in the building know ahead of time. I’m pretty sure that’s one of the first things you learn at university, but oh well.

Okay I’m done being bitter and petty about this situation. I’m beginning to see more definition in my abs/stomach area, which means my return to the gym has been working! I think I’ve really made a point to step it up this week at the gym because I know next weekend I will be eating so many tasty foods in London. It’s all about balance, people! It’s just nice to see improvements, you know?

day 134 upstairs neighbors