Awkwardly Placed Light

Completing my assignments took even less time than I thought it would! I guess all of my procrastination and anxiety over the weekend was sort of unnecessary but oh well, at least it’s all ready to be submitted. I might wait until tomorrow afternoon to submit the assignments just so I can relax a little while longer, too.

Tomorrow my husband’s dad is coming over to take a look at our leaky toilet and also move one of the lights in the living area. We have three ceiling lights in this space, one light for the kitchen, one for the living room, and then the third light is supposed to be for the dining room, although you wouldn’t think that based on its current location. Right now it’s awkwardly placed near the refrigerator, one of many indications that the builders surely must have been idiots when they were putting our flat together. With a little bit (i.e. a lot) of effort, we’ll get the light moved over by tomorrow and then we’ll paint the ceiling once everything is set in place.

I just realized that we’ll be making a lot of noise in the ceiling tomorrow, and normally I would tell my upstairs neighbors ahead of time so they don’t get annoyed with us, but I’ll make a special exception on their behalf. Honestly it kinda sucks living beneath these people! First of all, they’re our age so you would think that we would at least be friendly or that they would have the decency to give us a heads up before they decide to throw a party. I guess our introduction and complimentary bottle of wine weren’t enough of a welcoming gesture to this pair of nitwits when they moved in. Hopefully they’ll enjoy the subtle acoustics of a saw making its way beneath their floorboards while they have dinner tomorrow evening.

day 158 awkwardly placed light