Looking Forward

I’m so looking forward to tomorrow when we can buy actual groceries! We’ve been scraping the bottom of the barrel for about half of this month and we’re well overdue for a food shop that consists of more than canned beans and rice. Painting the walls ended up costing us more than we originally budgeted for, and then we also ended up getting a kitten! It’s been a stressful month but I honestly think it’s been worth it.

Next weekend we’re going to Southampton to visit my husband’s friends from university and I’m really looking forward to a break from everyday life. Although I’m excited for the weekend away I am a little nervous about leaving Beatrice and Dolores alone at home. Hopefully they’ll be more friendly by next week but as of yet they aren’t getting along as quickly as I had hoped. We’re having to take turns with letting Dolores run riot around the living room while Beatrice naps in the bedroom. So far, so good. It’s a good way for Dolores to become comfortable in her new surroundings and it’s an easy way for Beatrice to get used to her scent.

As I said I would yesterday, I went to the gym for my usual Wednesday workout. When I arrived at the gym I was horrified to learn that my entire iTunes library had been wiped, apart from one EP. I was pretty annoyed that my usual jams were gone but I managed to get everything back once I got home. I worked on my jumping at the end of my workout and I think I’m making some good progress! So far I can jump up and hang onto the second bar in from the steps, and I can just barely grab the next higher one on the monkey bars. I still can’t quite do the monkey bars without losing my grip but I think that’ll improve the more I keep at it.

Tomorrow we’re having the plumber come around to fix our leaky toilet and take a look at our leaky shower and I’m really looking forward to getting those fixed! It’s been a real task having to block off the toilet so Dolores can’t mess with the jug that collects the excess water.

So far my stress journal is proving quite interesting. It’s nice to jot down what’s upsetting/annoying me because sometimes that helps me get over the smaller issues. Maybe the more I use my stress journal the less petty stuff will stress me out? Only time will tell!

day 181 looking forward