Coming Home & Pokémon Go

Coming home after a weekend away is something I always look forward to, even more-so now that we have two cats. Beatrice and Dolores greeted us lovingly when we finally got back and we’ve been spending the rest of the day lounging with either one of them by our sides. Well, Dolores doesn’t really ‘lounge’. She kind of just attacks everything. Either way, it is so nice to be back in their company.

Everyone’s been going on and on about Pokémon Go ever since it came out last week and my husband and I finally got around to working out how we could get the app, too. It’s pretty fun to see the different types of Pokémon in your actual surroundings and I’m proud to say that I have already caught a Drowzee, Staryu, Poliwag and tons more less impressive types. Both of us ended up wandering around our neighborhood in the dark a few minutes ago to try and catch some new Pokémon and it was interesting to say the least! I feel like Pokémon Go is great if your phone can handle it and if you’re willing to look a bit daft wandering around the streets in the middle of the night.

In other news, I’ve got to begin working on my assignments for my latest module. I feel like I say that so frequently but that’s pretty much because the modules go so quickly. I’ve only got about a week left before my assignments are due so tomorrow morning I’ll get to work on those.

I had a really good weekend in Southampton but I do feel so socially drained. Seeing so many people over the last week has definitely zapped me of any extra energy. I’m definitely looking forward to chilling out at home with the cats next weekend.

day 192 coming home & pokémon go