No Feedback Yet

Today has been a day for puttering around the house whilst waiting for my computer to finish rendering videos. As for the kitties, well, they basically slept the whole time. I did manage to give the bathroom a much needed clean. Yesterday we moved Dolores’ cage into the living room to help Beatrice get used to having her around a lot more and I have to admit that it seems to be helping, even if only a tiny bit.

I still have yet to receive my feedback for the assignments I turned in last week and now I’m beginning to feel a bit stressed. If I can begin the next module tomorrow and everything runs smoothly over the remaining three modules then I should finish the course the day after my birthday. I would prefer to finish before my birthday so hopefully I can sprint through the last leg of the course and be done with the whole thing in time to celebrate, but I’m not holding my breath. As much as I’m trying to relish the down time it does concern me that I haven’t heard back about my assignments yet.

It feels like I didn’t do anything today, and I’m just sitting here trying to think of what I can write to fill the void but I’m just drawing blanks. I think I’m going to call it a night so I’ll see you tomorrow!

day 208 no feedback yet