Late Night!

We just got back from a very long game of Pictionary at the in-law’s so I’m sorry this post is going up late!

Right, so I called up Ashtead hospital about my tonsillectomy and learned some very interesting information. It turns out that they haven’t received my referral yet because my doctor needs to provide more proof for funding, which means I have no idea when I’ll end up having the surgery. The woman from Ashtead hospital kindly gave me the information of the person I’ll need to chase over the next few weeks and then hopefully I’ll be fully approved for a tonsillectomy. Obviously I’m not very happy about this and I’m very frustrated at how long this process is taking but at least it is going to happen, right? I hope so. If this surgery was a matter of life or death then I would absolutely find a way to pay for it out of pocket at a private hospital, but since it’s not I’ll just have to sit here and be fed up with the NHS, won’t I!

In other news, I had a really great workout at the gym and now feel very exhausted but in the best way possible. I’ve changed up my ab workout so that it’s just different enough to keep me interested, which means I come away feeling more invigorated than I have in weeks. I’ve also been trying out a bit of jump rope at the end of my workouts which is a nice break from the usual, although I was so exhausted that I kept tripping up the rope.

Anyway, it’s really late (it’s just gone midnight!) so I’m going to call it a night, but I’ll see you tomorrow!

day 207 late night!