A Day at the Movies

Spending the day at the movies is one of my favorite pastimes. The smell of freshly salted and artificially buttered popcorn wafting through the lobby transports me all the way back to my youth — when Phat Farm shoes were all the rage and I wouldn’t be caught dead without wearing some sort of glitter on my pre-pubescent face.

Today’s movie marathon included Finding Dory and (*sigh*) Suicide Squad, and I bet you can already guess which one I preferred. Both of the viewings were fairly packed, but each film had a different set of audience reactions to go with it. You could hear the sniffles and intermittent awes of the crowd for Finding Dory, whereas there was a very awkward and painful silence throughout the majority of Suicide Squad. Of course these films are incredibly different, but seeing a film with an audience has a huge impact on your final impression.

It’s safe to say that Finding Dory was the clear winner here and I would happily watch it all over again, tears included. Heartwarming, familiar, exciting, and totally gut-wrenching. On the other hand, Suicide Squad was the equivalent of someone throwing a potato into a blender and hoping for dauphinoise potatoes but instead walking away with a broken kitchen appliance and something resembling a mutilated hand. Definitely not worth spending any money to see, that’s for sure, but thankfully we didn’t have to waste our money since we have Limitless.

In other news, I ordered a new 2TB hard drive for myself! The external hard drive I have right now only has 12GB left over from 1TB and I’ve had it for almost six years, so I was definitely due for an upgrade. The one I went for is portable, which is a huge step up considering my current external hard drive requires an AC adapter and a US to UK plug adapter in order to use it at all! Definitely looking forward to having more space to store my files and not having to worry about being tied down to do it!

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