Comfort Food

As much as I’ve been trying to move away from eating food for comfort, I allowed myself that luxury today after having spent most of it in depressive funk. I feel better now, but earlier in the day I had such a hard time finding motivation to get anything done. I pretty much just sat in my pjs watching YouTube videos and grumbling to myself about how I should be doing my coursework and then reminding myself how much I didn’t want to do any of it.

Eventually I confided in my husband and begrudgingly decided to at least give the technical drawing assignment a try. The assignment called for a ‘bespoke furniture design’ and seeing as how I’ve never designed a piece of furniture and how I have very little confidence in technical drawings, I opted for a small side table. The drawing took me almost two hours to complete since I had to draw the design from multiple angles. 3D drawings are the worst, but I’m glad to say that I managed to finish it all off without it looking too terrible.

Today was a gym day but I was so out of it by the time I met up with my husband that I barely even did a workout at all. We did jump ropes for cardio and by the time we finished I felt like I was going to either pass out or be sick. I suspect my body’s still fighting off whatever illness I’ve picked up in the last week but it was so strange because I wasn’t used to feeling so incredibly tired after such a short workout. It was almost like I’d gone to the gym for the first time and done too much.

I left the gym feeling exhausted and, in all honesty, a bit defeated. We stopped by the shops on our way home and I picked up one of the best comfort foods out there: mac n cheese. Although today wasn’t my best by even a long shot, I did manage to finish off one of the assignments I’d been dreading. Tomorrow I would really like to make a list of stuff that needs to be done around the flat and work my way through it, so wish me luck with finding the motivation for it!

day 221 comfort food