Kitten Time

As far as having a kitten goes, Dolores sure does know how to make life difficult for us. She’s gotten to the stage where she is jumping on everything and is really pushing the boundaries, something I’m sure most young children do. Although it’s stressful having to pry her off of my hand, she does give excellent kitten cuddles when she’s sleepy.

Another thing she’s started to do is whine and cry whenever we plop her in the crate to feed Beatrice. She’s such a needy and energetic kitten which is nearly the complete opposite of Beatrice’s personality. Luckily they do seem to be getting on a little more amicably these days, or at least Beatrice is asserting her dominance a bit more. Dolores is definitely an instigator, though. She’ll literally follow Beatrice around the living area, sneaking around corners and crouching low behind boxes, waiting for the right moment to pop out and play. Unfortunately for Dolores, Beatrice does not want to play, so every advance ends in a small scuffle. Despite the scuffles, it’s clear that we’re heading in the right direction and soon enough we’ll be able to have them hanging out for longer periods of time with less incidents.

Dolores is quite the handful, and as much as I love her I don’t think I could see myself getting another kitten in the future. I think adult cats are much more my type since they’re usually way more chill than kittens tend to be. I have no doubt that Dolores will grow up to be a lovely and interesting cat but man it feels like this kitten stage is taking forever. Ah well, I guess we better enjoy it while we can. Eventually she’ll grow out of trying to impersonate a furry tornado but until then I suppose we ought to embrace all of her little quirks and the hijinks that ensue.

day 222 kitten time