Dreams and Streams

Do you ever wake up from one of your dreams and scratch your head trying to figure out why your brain decided to bring up old issues? Last night I had a series of dreams involving people I haven’t seen in years and I’m not sure what to make of it. It’s such a weird feeling waking up from seeing an old friend or foe in your dreams. Most of the time I can think of some explanation as to why people end up there, but sometimes I don’t have the slightest clue. Either way I’m left feeling unsettled and confused.

Anyway, today’s been pretty good. I did spend most of my time playing The Sims 4 so I could finish off an apartment building, however I did also have a livestream on twitch this afternoon. Today’s stream went so much better than I expected! The viewers were so much fun to chat with and I had a great time building and playing around for a few hours. Livestreaming is really difficult when your audience isn’t responsive, but I’m glad everyone enjoyed playing The Sims with me! I think I’m going to make Thursday afternoons my Sims 4 stream day and then I’ll probably squeeze in Alien: Isolation on Saturdays here and there.

I’m really excited for tomorrow because my husband and I are going on a date! We’re going out to dinner and then heading to the movies because we practically live there. For dinner we might get burrito bowls at Tortilla, although I could definitely be tempted by Gourmet Burger Kitchen (they do the best onion rings!) so we’ll see what we settle on but it better be tasty! Oh, and we’re going to see The Shallows, too! I don’t expect it to be amazing or anything but I gotta support my girl Blake Lively!

Alrighty, that’s all I’ve got for today! I’m going to wrap this up so we can play the fourth episode of Life is Strange. See you tomorrow!

day 224 dreams and streams