It’s Been a Challenging Week

I spent the day at home but I was glued to my laptop the entire time doing work. It’s weird, and I don’t know how I feel about it just yet. Like, I can’t tell if the stress I’m feeling is negative or positive. You may wonder: how can stress be positive? Well, I’m thinking it could be positive if I’m enjoying the challenge and the stress isn’t longterm. Anything longer than, say, a month or so is going to do more harm than good in my opinion.

But yeah, I’m stressed and this week has been challenging for me.

In other news, Alex was on the hammock this afternoon when it split in half! He sent me a text saying “Come outside” so I grabbed my camera because I thought he’d seen a fox or something cool. Poor dude was laying on the grass with the sad looking hammock hanging above him. I’m glad he’s not more injured but I am sad that the hammock is out of commission until we can afford to buy a new one.

Oh and another thing, I’m also really stressed about finances at the moment. Hiring someone to help me with my business has really impacted our budget and I’m certainly feeling the strain. At the moment we’re getting clever about meals and trying to pinch as many pennies as we can until pay day. Luckily that day is tomorrow, although it doesn’t mean we’ll have any extra money to play with!

Right, that’s all I’ve got for today. Crossing my fingers that the stress subsides soon.