Wrapping Presents

If there’s one thing I look forward to during the holidays, it’s wrapping presents. I couldn’t care less about egg nog or caroling. Just hand me a stack of presents, a mountain of wrapping paper, a roll of tape, and a bunch of ribbon and I’m good.

There’s just something so satisfying about wrapping presents. I take a lot of pride in my wrapping skills and each year I try to step my game up a little bit more. This year I’ve gone for a theme of red ribbons and gold bows, with two types of wrapping paper to keep things a little interesting (just kidding! I couldn’t find the holly wrapping paper I used last year so I ended up improvising). The secret to tying a nice bow around a gift is to make sure you have almost twice the amount of ribbon that you think you’ll need. That way the ribbon will wrap around the present completely and you’ll have plenty left over to tie a nice bow on the front. If you do it tight enough, you won’t even need to tape it in place!

Speaking of presents, I hope everyone likes what we’ve got for them. Our budget was very limited this year but I think we came away with something nice for everyone! On Christmas Eve we’re going to see Moana with my husband’s sisters so maybe we’ll drop off our presents when we go to pick them up from the in-law’s house, otherwise we’ll just bring them with us the next day. I’m really looking forward to Christmas Eve, actually! My husband and I are going to watch a couple of movies and make Bailey’s hot chocolates as a pre-Chrimbo treat, haha. I’m a little nervous for all of the socializing that’s bound to happen on Christmas day so I’ll need to soak up all of the alone time I can get beforehand!

Anyway, it’s really late so I better get going. By the way, my knee is beginning to feel a little better! I’m going to the gym tomorrow but I’m banning myself from any cardio involving my knees so wish me luck with that! See you tomorrow!

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