Busy Shopping Day in Kingston

So much for having a chilled out weekend! I think I underestimated just how busy the shops in Kingston would be on a Saturday, but nonetheless we made it through relatively unscathed. I was on a mission to use up a few of the giftcards I received for my birthday and luckily I came away with a little black dress (finally after months of searching!), a maroon hoodie, and a set of brass rings. The most stressful part of shopping was the sheer amount of other people, but other than that it was totally fine. We even managed to stop off to get our wedding rings re-sized/repaired at the jewelers which we’ve been meaning to do for ages now.

We also made a detour through Tiger where we happened upon more Halloween decorations, haha. We’re pretty much set in terms of decorations, with pumpkins being the exception, of course. This morning we stopped by the party shop in town and I used my store credit to pick up some orange string lights, the makings of my cat costume, five packs of cobwebs, and a few table cloths. Honestly, so worth it. Feeling very ready for our Halloween party at the end of the month! Now all we need to do is carve pumpkins and make some spooky snacks and we’ll be good to go.

While we were in Kingston we went to the movies and saw The Girl on the Train and it was so good!! The acting was excellent, plus it was a very thrilling story which made the film even more interesting. I would definitely recommend seeing it while it’s still in theaters if you can.

Anyway, now we’re back home after a long day of shopping and I’m starting to wind down for the evening. Tonight we’re going to watch Practical Magic which is always a great Halloween pick so hopefully my husband enjoys it. Make sure to check out VEDO #7 below and I guess I’ll see you tomorrow!

day 282 busy day of shopping in kingston