Feel Like Dancing

Ah, I’m in such good spirits today! I must’ve woken up on the right side of the bed because all day I’ve just been in great mood. I played Just Dance 2018 in the afternoon and it was really fun but slightly frustrating trying to get the Playstation camera to pick up my silhouette in the game. I think we’ll probably get the Switch version when Just Dance 2023 comes out and hopefully that’ll alleviate a lot of my annoyances with playing because I won’t have to change my entire living room just to play. Once I was done playing on the PS4 I then decided to try to learn a little bit of the choreography to RUN BTS and boy was that hard! Even a ten second section of the chorus took me ages to parse and I still don’t even have that down. And as if that wasn’t enough dancing for today, I also had dance class this evening! We learned a dancehall routine that was super fun and vibey, and I really enjoyed getting into the groove of the song.

Now I’m back at home and Alex is cooking up a storm in the kitchen. We’re going to have smashed potatoes, coleslaw, and an asian-inspired salad for dinner – I can’t wait!