Gift Shopping

We did some gift shopping today in town and it was actually really successful. I was originally thinking we’d try and get all of our xmas gifts today but by the time we went to a few different stores we had only managed to tick off a couple of family members and both of us were tired. Still, it was really good. I have a kind of difficult time shopping for multiple people at one store, if that makes sense. Like I’ll usually come away with a bunch of stuff but not enough stuff for everyone. I also just like to get a sense of what the stores are selling so I can get some ideas for gifts. Anyways, I’m sure we’ll hit the town again soon to finish what we started.

I did a bit more painting tonight but I’m still slogging through the ugly layers and really hoping that I’ll be able to come out the other side with a nice painting to show for it! That’s pretty much all for today. Oh! I just remembered we got some vinyl sheet flooring samples for the bathroom and I like them all but I’m still not sure whether we’ll go for sheet vinyl or tile.