A Day of Rest

Alex came down with a bit of a cold yesterday evening so I decided to let him stay in bed all day while I took care of the cats and the kitchen. He usually takes care of me so I’m happy to return the favour! Plus there’s no point in getting out of bed if you’re sick on a Sunday and I’d rather him rest up so his immune system can do all the leg work ASAP.

Taking care of myself today was weird! I didn’t make any tea for myself, but I did wash up all of the dishes and even put them away. I was a little bored when it got to be six in the evening, though. Eventually Alex came downstairs and I heated up some soup for him.

I’ve been feeling a little restless in regards to the kitchen and bathroom renovation plans, too. I loaded up The Sims 4 and did a little bit of design and now I’m thinking we should just knock the wall down between the kitchen and dining room. I don’t know, it’s not like I have to decide tomorrow or even this week or month!! I guess I’m just eager to do something with the house. I remembered to take a photo of the sheet vinyl samples on the floor of the bathroom, too. I think I really want tile floors, even though that’s way more expensive.

This week I’ve got to go to the bank so I’ll definitely be getting out of the house. I think I might wait until Thursday when Alex has the day off so we can go together, and then we can do a bit more gift shopping. Anyway, that’s it for today. See ya!