Forgot to Take my Meds!!

Yesterday I forgot to take my meds and I didn’t realise until maybe two in the morning when I got up to pee. I guess it makes more sense why I cried to Alex about how I felt bad that I didn’t do more for him on his sick day. Anyway, I ended up sleeping in a lot today and my head felt a little funny for most of the day. It’s better now that I’ve been able to take my meds so at least there’s that!

Aside from the medication mishap, I’ve been in good spirits today. I bought Alex’s Christmas presents, then my Teddy Fresh delivery arrived so Alex got a sweet hoodie and I got a couple of new tops, and then I got another flooring sample that I’ve decided is the one I want to go for downstairs! It’s a good mix between golden and neutral wood so I’m excited about it.

I also played around in the IKEA kitchen planner for a bit and took a tape measure into the kitchen to see how I’d feel about fridge placement and I’ve found a layout that’ll work for us! Although, I’ve decided to skip getting a slimline dishwasher because it would throw off the whole cabinet layout, but I think we’ll be okay. We’ll get an extra ten centimeters of height on all of the wall cabinets, and our “breakfast bar” will get a total revamp into a tea/coffee/drink station once we move the fridge in. Very exciting!

I’m very eager to get the ball rolling on this project but I know I need to hold back a bit longer so we can get the bathroom done first, and then we’ll do the floors at some point, too. I’m expecting that we’ll do the kitchen mostly by ourselves (fingers crossed) and I’d like to try to do the flooring ourselves, too, however I’m willing to admit defeat and let someone else do it properly if that’s what it comes to. The bathroom needs to be done by someone else so I’m having Alex call some plumbers tomorrow to see about quotes and stuff so we can get the ball rolling on that. Ideally we’ll have the bathroom done by May next year, hopefully sooner.

Right, that’s enough of my interior design ramblings. I rearranged the cats’ ball racing track and tried to get Ichabod to play with it but he seems to be the only one of the cats who doesn’t care. He’d much rather play with bouncy balls. See you tomorrow!