Works Well Under Pressure

There’s nothing like a last minute deadline to really light a fire under my ass to get shit done, folks. I guess I work well under pressure? Either way, I’m proud to say that I woke up early and finished the rest of my assignments before noon. Considering the fact that I slept in really late yesterday I think it’s pretty incredible that I managed to rise and shine so early today!

It’s probably been at least two years since I’ve felt this sort of pressure to perform and what’s more is that I’ve risen to the occasion and totally smashed it. Whether or not my assignments are any good is another story, but I do feel confident enough to submit them for feedback. Even if I have to resubmit them, at least I’ve made huge strides in the last two days.

So I’ve been super productive today, but I also managed to sort out the media unit in the bedroom, which means I’ve got two things to cross off my to-do list this week. I feel really good about the amount of stuff I’ve accomplished today. It seems like I don’t have much to write about today because I’ve been so busy putting my nose to the grind all day. Honestly, it’s just been a good day all around for me.

I’ve decided that once the next module is made available to me I’m going to get started on it. I’m expected to finish my course the day after my birthday but I’d really like to be done with it before then. Hopefully I can use today’s momentum to carry me forward and into the next module.

It’s only Tuesday but I feel better about the outlook of this week. I feel less stressed and am looking forward to maybe having a full day of playing the Sims 4 soon!

day 229 works well under pressure