A Very Grey Day, Indeed

Waking up at 11am is one of the best ways to kick off a weekend of relaxation, I reckon! After the sleepless nights I’ve had this week I was very happy to dwell in my dreams for an hour or two longer than anticipated. Plus, the grey sky made it a lot easier for me to want to stay in bed. I had hoped we would venture around town and check out the heritage open day, but staying indoors and playing The Sims 4 ended up being a much better idea. Perhaps the weather will be significantly less grey tomorrow and we’ll try again!

I meant to do some tidying up around the house but I guess that wasn’t my top priority after all. We’ve encountered a problem with most of our clothes drying and smelling very… Sour? Musty? Definitely not moldy, but I can’t quite put my finger on the scent. Either way, we’re trying to remedy the situation but it’s just so frustrating to have freshly washed clothes that smell disgusting. I’m thinking we may need to just tumble dry our clothes immediately after we wash them so that we don’t have to wait for them to dry on the drying rack? I should also probably do some research and see if I can find some other solutions.

Tonight we sent out the invites for our Haunted House Party & Pub Crawl and I’m so excited! The banner looks really cool and we’ve already made a couple of matching snapchat geofilters to have on the day, too. The only thing that’s left is to stock up on decorations and sort out our costumes. I’ve already begun to sketch out how I want the decorations to look in the flat but it’s only making me more excited for the party. There’s so much to do but luckily there’s still plenty of time to get it all done.

Anyway, that about sums up what I’ve done today. I’m going to try and cross a few things off of my to-do list before heading to bed, so I’ll see you tomorrow!

day 254 a very grey day, indeed