Looking Forward to Finishing

It’s always nice to move forward into new week with a clear mind and fresh ideas! I slept so well last night that I actually ended up staying in bed the whole morning, but by the time I got out I felt a lot more awake. Today has been a day for doing a bit of laundry and hitting the gym in the afternoon, which means I feel like I haven’t done much at all!

My workout at the gym was made even more intense by the fact that the AC was out. For the duration of my workout I was sweating bullets and frankly it’s kind of a miracle that I didn’t pass out from exhaustion, let alone make it through fifteen minutes of cardio. Honestly, though, it wasn’t too bad since I was in the mood for my workout, although now I’m seriously drained and really looking forward to going to bed.

After the gym I came home and had a soak in the tub which was a nice way to start the week. Usually I take baths on Thursdays so it was nice to shake things up a bit. I’m crossing my fingers that this week feels a little more relaxed than normal, and hopefully I can keep my stress levels to a minimum.

I’m hoping the last module of my interior design course is made available to me tomorrow so I can get started on the notes and then move on to the assignments. Ideally I would like to finish up the course before my birthday so that I don’t have to have a guilty conscience while enjoying a slice of birthday cake! I’m not sure what to expect for the final module of this course, but I do hope it’s fun to complete. I’ve learned a lot from taking this course, and I’ve also stressed myself out way too much from all of the assignments. I’m looking forward to finishing it up, though, so I can move on to other things. I’m still not entirely sure if I’ll pursue a career as an interior designer or if I’ll just look for work in the field, but we’ll see!

day 256 looking forward to finishing