My Experience With Freelancing

Sometimes I forget that setting up a website and creating a brand identity isn’t common knowledge. I started on the last module of my interior design course and to my surprise it was all about starting a business. Some of the information was very helpful, but there were definitely parts that I already had some experience with, such as freelancing.

Freelancing, in my experience, was a lot more work for a lot less reward. I struggled to set work boundaries and ended up feeling burnt out on a regular basis. Plus, freelancing cost me a lot of money in the long run when it came to tax season. While going through this module I kept asking myself: can I see myself freelancing again? In all honesty I still am not sure about the answer to that question although I do see that it is sometimes necessary to freelance in order to break into the industry or find work within a highly regarded company.

There were sections of the module that went through how to set up a website and an online presence, and I have to admit I couldn’t help but chuckle. I’ve got at least three websites running at any given time, so it was nice to be reminded that something I often take for granted is actually a very useful skill to have these days! Then there were the parts of the module explaining why it is important to establish an online presence so I just completely skipped over them and carried on with my notes.

Creating a brand identity isn’t all that difficult, you know? Sure it takes a bit of thought and planning, but once you have that it’s only a matter of choosing colors and creating a logo that suits your needs. I spent almost two years helping clients with branding and honestly it was one of the most liberating aspects of being a graphic designer.

Eventually, though, I finished my notes for the module and had a look at the assignments and I feel confident that I’ll be able to finish off my course before my birthday in two weeks’ time! I’m really looking forward to finishing off my interior design course, so wish me luck with the last assignments!

day 257 my experience with freelancing