Thoughts on an Interior Design Career

I’ve been thinking a bit more about pursuing interior design as a career and right now I’m beginning to come around to the idea, at least on a casual basis at first. Looking at job listings helped me understand that I would need at least a few years’ worth of experience before starting, and I would also need to build a portfolio. I don’t think it would be impossible for me to find an entry-level interior design job however it would be very difficult.

So that’s some food for thought. I’ll have to think it over and understand my expectations before committing to anything, naturally, but it’s very clear that I’m passionate about interior design so it would be nice to pursue a career in an industry that I love.

I’m feeling a bit stressed today and I don’t understand why. The cats were getting along until this evening when Dolores decided to pounce on Beatrice numerous times, so that’s got me worried. I’m also thinking about finishing my interior design course and wondering what that will mean for my day-to-day life once I’m done. And then on top of all of that I started my period so I’m also a bit hormonal.

Sometimes I just get in a bit of a funk and this is just one of those times. This week we’ve decided to really tighten up our spending and limit our food shop to one big one but I can already feel myself yearning for snacks. The reason we’re doing this is so that we can save up our money for my birthday at the end of the month, but it feels so far away. Maybe this is why I usually get bummed before my birthday?

In other news, I had a really good workout at the gym today. I feel like I could have done more but I tried a few new moves for my arm workout and they really knocked me out by the time I left. It’s been kind of an off day for me and I think I’ve just been processing stuff in my head all day. I’m not sure if I’ll do another livestream tomorrow just because I would rather spend some time working on the last of my assignments.

Anyway, see you tomorrow!

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