Cookie Cutter Catastrophe!

Okay, the title of this journal entry may be a little misleading but at least I made cookies, right? So the story goes that I have a set of Halloween-themed cookie cutters and I really want to make some for our party later this month. Now, I’m super skeptical of doing roll-out cookies, mostly because it’s so demoralizing when they go into the oven perfect and come out a bloated, puffy mess. I wanted to do a trial run of the cookies for the party just to make sure I’ve got it all figured out when the time comes, and that’s where all the trouble began.

In America it is so easy to find ready-made cookie dough, but England is another story. I have yet to find a roll of Tollhouse cookie dough in Waitrose, and thus I must substitute. Since I’m too lazy to actually buy all of the ingredients to make cookies from scratch, I thought I’d pick up a mix and be done with it. Boy was I wrong. So very, very wrong.

First of all, there were only two types of cookie mix at Waitrose: the kind with chocolate chips, and the kind without. I opted for the kind without, which just so happened to be Paul Hollywood’s brand, and thought I was sorted. I followed the recipe pretty well, and Paul Hollywood’s recipe called for 50ml of milk, which I would later find out to be too much. So I mixed it all up and it was looking much more runny than dough-like. After adding a whole cup of flour and sticking the mixture in the fridge to firm up, I decided I had to do something to thicken it up even more. I brought the mixture out and poured more flour into it, kneading it with my hands. It wasn’t long before my hands were covered in cookie dough and I was beginning to wonder if I would ever see them again.

Admitting defeat, I sent my husband out to the shops for another bag of mix so I could try again, and this time I was extra wary when adding in the milk. It turns out that 30ml of milk was just the right amount to keep the dough dry!

Anyway, after all of that trouble we decided to roll out the dough with all of the flour and see how they turned out, and to my surprise they turned out great! They’re just like animal crackers and bourbon biscuits, and even though they have too much flour they’re strangely nice to eat? So, in the end it all worked out! I’m excited to roll out some more cookies this weekend and maybe even try icing a few. VEDO #12 is up, so make sure to check that out below and I’ll see you tomorrow!

day 287 cookie cutter catastrophe!