Gym to Ourselves!

After the exciting day I had yesterday, today has felt a little lackluster in comparison. We made sure to hit the gym in the afternoon and it was nice to see the gym so empty on the weekend! It’s easier to get in the zone for a workout when I’m not worrying about whether or not other people are judging me, and today I actually had a great ab session.

Originally our plan was to go to the gym around two o’clock but we moved it up a few hours since we made plans to meet up with the in-laws at the Stephan Langton after they went on a protest walk to Leith Hill. It turns out that there might be some fracking happening at Leith Hill, which surprised me very much. Apparently drilling Leith Hill has been talked about for a number of years but I think it’s actually been confirmed quite recently. Not good at all, folks.

In other news, after we got home from the pub I chatted with my mom on FaceTime for a while and got caught up on all of the stuff going on in her life and vice versa. Man, I miss her so much! I wish she could just fly to England for Christmas, haha. Maybe one year she will, but until then I’ll just have to continue alternating where we spend our Christmas holiday!

Anyway, I’m going to wrap this up here. Today’s been a lovely, if not slightly boring day, haha. Maybe tomorrow will be a bit more exciting, hmm? See you tomorrow!

day 338 gym to ourselves!