Weird Mood, Leaky Pipes, Annoying Gym People

I’m in a really weird and kinda crappy mood today, which means that everything is getting on my nerves and I just feel useless. We’re having troubles with the upstairs neighbors’ pipe leaking through to our ceiling and it’s gotten way worse than when it happened the first time last week. Since everyone is on holiday at the moment, we’ve been having a hell of a time trying to get the managing agents to bring around a plumber to fix the problem since it started up again on Monday. It’s so frustrating because we can’t even do anything on our side, so I just have to sit here and watch as our ceiling gets ruined because of a leaky pipe.


Anyway, I went to the gym today but it was quite a short little workout. As I said before, I’m in such a weird mood that everything’s getting on my nerves so my workout didn’t go as smoothly as I’d hoped. For starters, I ended up going later in the day and therefore the gym was a lot busier than I’d like, but what really put me over the edge was having to breathe with my mouth open because the guy cycling next to me had such terrible body odor! That’s just nasty! And then I didn’t even do my full arm routine because I was feeling fatigued and wasn’t in the zone, plus I couldn’t even do legs because my left knee is still recovering.

Overall, today’s been rough. I hate being in this weird state of mind but I’m pretty sure it’s just a bout of PMS so it shouldn’t last too long. Tomorrow I’m going to Wisley gardens with the in-laws to check out the lights so that should be a lot of fun and hopefully I’ll get some good pictures out of it, too. Until then, I’m going to try and drink more water and get to bed soon. See you tomorrow!

day 363 weird mood, leaky pipes, annoying gym people