Search Party: Alia Shawkat Goes Down the Rabbit Hole

We stayed up until five in the morning watching a show called Search Party and I haven’t stopped thinking about it since. Alia Shawkat plays the lead, Dory, in Michael Showalter’s mystery/comedy/drama set in New York City amid a sea of self-absorbed hipsters when a girl she knew from college goes missing. Dory ends up going down the rabbit hole to find out what happened to Chantal Witherbottom, and the series finale does not disappoint. Spread over ten half-hour long episodes, Search Party boasts a phenomenal supporting cast, writing that is not only funny but also extremely captivating, and is the type of show that has you rolling your eyes, gasping in shock, and wondering how everything is going to play out at the very end. I wasn’t intending to watch all ten episodes of Search Party, especially since we began watching the first episode at one in the morning, but I’m so glad we did.

In other news, today I went around to the in-laws to do an ab workout session with my sister-in-law and it went really well! I had a lot of fun showing her the moves and motivating her to keep going, and hopefully she enjoyed it just as much as I did. It’s nice to be able to share what I’ve learned at the gym this year. Plus, I’m pretty good at encouraging people so I think it worked out really well in the end.

My husband and I were going to go to the gym to do some cardio afterward but decided to head home and chill out for a while. I ended up taking a bath and then having a nap for a few hours. I feel a lot better having snoozed a while longer, but then I woke up to the news of Carrie Fisher’s passing. All things considered, today has been all right. I’m really sad about Carrie Fisher passing away, especially since she was such a badass, cool lady that empowered so many people over the years. I don’t want to dwell on Carrie’s passing, but I wouldn’t feel right not acknowledging it, you know?

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for today. See you tomorrow!

day 362 search party: alia shawkat goes down the rabbit hole