What a Waste

As promised, I went back to the studio today to continue what I started yesterday. I’m attempting to make a mould for the inside of a candle vessel, so yesterday I poured wax into a few different vessels in order to make the silicone moulds using them today.

Unfortunately, the wax in two of the three containers wasn’t budging at all! The only one that the wax came out of was the glass container, which was to be expected. I did make sure to coat all of the vessels with mould release spray but maybe it wasn’t enough for the others? Either way, I went ahead and thought I’d attempt my first liquid silicone mould pour with the wax from the glass vessel. It wasn’t until after I poured the silicone on top of the wax that I realised I had only added half of the catalyst. Ughhh. So I went ahead and melted more wax, prepped the glass vessel as well as two more vessels with tons of mould release spray, and chucked the ruined silicone into the bin after I filled the vessels again. What a waaaaste!

Last night before I left the studio I also poured a few more candles in the candlestick moulds I was trying out yesterday, so today I had a look at how they turned out. Basically, the silicone candlestick moulds are near impossible for me to use. Even when the moulds are wound with rubber bands and everything looks good, wax still pours from the split seam on the side. It’s a nightmare, honestly. The polycarbonate (hard plastic) moulds, on the other hand, have all worked brilliantly for me. I think the polycarbonate moulds are the way to go for candlesticks and pillar candles, that’s for sure.

So tomorrow I’m actually not going to the studio because I’m going to let the wax that I poured set in the hopes that I can easily remove it from the vessels on Tuesday or Wednesday. Instead, I’ll do a post office run and hang at home. I brought the first batch of vessels home with me to pop in the freezer for a few days. I hope that’ll help the wax contract a bit so I can get it out of there, but we’ll see.

Another thing I wanted to share today is the video from my dance class on Friday!! I’ll pop it just after the photos. If you couldn’t tell, I’m the one with the primary checkered leggings, blue hair, and face mask! There are definitely parts where I’m lost in the choreography but I think I did well enough to get the vibe right, haha.