Take More Naps

The most peaceful moment in the day happens when I least expect it. Sometimes it’s right after a cup of coffee or while Alex toils away making dinner in the kitchen, and it often happens on the sofa when the sun comes through the window just right. Naps are a wonderful thing.

I know I’ve written loads about my poor sleep habits recently, so I wanted to flip the script and give some attention to nap time instead. For starters, I’ve always been a huge fan of napping. When I was in high school I would often sneak a nap in wherever I could, and sometimes that meant on stage during a production of Little Shop of Horrors. In college I would head back to my dorm between classes for a quick siesta or I would simply nod off in the hallway before my next lecture.

Surrendering to that irresistible midday drowsiness is absolutely delightful, even for a brief moment. Of course there are times when a nap turns into a three hour affair and you wake up forgetting what year it is, but I would go so far as to suggest that it’s worth the risk to allow yourself a moment to relax.

And really, the only time you shouldn’t sneak in a nap is if you’re operating a motor vehicle. In most other circumstances, it’s probably fine if you catch a couple z’s in the middle of the day.