Beatrice Goes Adventuring

Beatrice has always been a fan of walks ever since we adopted her back in 2015. She’s seventeen years old now but it’s still a delight just to watch her sniff bushes and eat blades of grass for a few minutes before returning indoors. I swear, whenever I take Beatrice outside someone will come up to me and coo over how sweet my cat is and how amazing it is to see a cat wearing a lead.

We live near a busy road, so that’s the reason why Beatrice wears a harness when she goes outside. That, plus the fact that she usually prefers the warmth of her cat bed over the aroma of the outdoors. I do wish that we had a garden she could potter around in, although a selfish part of me admits that it’s really nice to spend time wandering around next to her when she goes outside.

Dolores, on the other hand, has yet to go on her first adventure outside. I know all too well just how capable she is of climbing and I feel like she’d get lost up a tree in a heartbeat. For now she is content climbing to the top of the cat tree and gazing sleepily from her platform when she’s tired of running around the flat all day.

beatrice goes adventuring