Tracking my Routine

I’ve done a lot more than I think I have, and I feel like that speaks a lot to my character. As I’m writing today’s journal entry I am feeling very tired but also like I’m forgetting to do something before going to bed. I haven’t been very good at drinking enough water each day, so it could just be guilt that I feel, but I still feel like it’s something more.

Tomorrow I have my fifth therapy session and I’m looking forward to it. I usually come away from therapy feeling happier and more confident in myself, although I do find it difficult to carry that elated mood throughout the following week. Therapy has been good for me and I don’t think I realized how much homework I would have to do outside of the sessions.

This past week I’ve been trying to keep track of my daily routine and give value to all of the stuff I’ve been doing and one thing I’ve realized is that a huge time suck for me is YouTube. I’ll sit at my laptop and watch every video that even remotely interests me and, before I know it, three hours fly right by. I come away feeling empty and just as bored as when I first started watching videos.

Another thing I’ve realized from tracking my routine this past week is how much I enjoyed going grocery shopping! I feel like a lot of my satisfaction with grocery shopping is being able to work through an itemized list and get everything we need for the week and be able to pay for it all. I feel very in control when it comes to groceries, even if that does sound weird.

I did manage to make it to the gym today, although I must admit that it wasn’t a very long workout since the gym was packed. A few weeks ago a section of the ceiling above a set of mats had been removed so the space for floor exercises has been cut in half. Not ideal.

Anyway, I’m feeling tired so I’m going to hit the hay. See you tomorrow!

tracking my routine