Free Furniture and Rearranging Plants

In yesterday’s post I talked about how I found a cabinet for my studio on FB Marketplace and today we went and picked it up. I’m relieved the person I got it from gave it to us for free because as soon as we started moving it to put it in the car it began falling apart!

Really, the cabinet is in good condition but we’ll need to work on strengthening joints and adding some extra screws here and there. Tomorrow we’re planning on taking it to the studio to try and reassemble it, so we’ll definitely be bringing our tool kit.

Thrifted furniture finds aside, I also made good on my promise to reorganise the living room plants. I switched around some of them and added a few hanging planters to the window, and ultimately I’m really happy with how it looks! I’ve decided to move the palm tree into the corner of the dining room for a bit so we can enjoy having a bit of brightness in the living room. Hopefully it’ll be happy there for a bit!