Curious Cat, Stretches, and Feelings

In the early hours of the morning, Margot accidentally knocked my favourite lamp off of my dressing table in the bedroom. The lamp and the LIFX bulb are fine, however the actual light fitting needs rewiring. I’m really glad he didn’t break the lamp because it’s shaped like a cactus and it’s one of my prized possessions, but all the same I’m annoyed. When Margot was a kitten he was so destructive all the time. He and his brother Rosemary broke so many glasses of water, as well as numerous plant pots. They’ve both chilled out a lot in the last year! I guess that’s what happens when kittens become cats, huh?

The phone call with the exercise facilitator went really well this afternoon. Basically she asked if I have any injuries or joint issues and a few other health things, and in the end she recommended that I see my GP for a physiotherapy referral to determine the cause. Another thing she suggested was to stretch after physical activity to help my hamstring (particularly on my left leg) loosen up. So right now I’m trying to stretch while typing this entry!

I found out from my brothers that our mom has tested negative for COVID. I’m glad she is okay, and if I’m being honest I’m just relieved that this ordeal is over with because it was really weighing heavily on my mind. My feelings toward my mom are incredibly volatile so most of the time I try not to focus on them very much because otherwise they can really mess me up for a bit.

Anyway, I think tomorrow I’ve got plans for a little DIY to make a folding shelf under the windowsill in the living room. I’m hoping it’ll go smoothly so the cats have an extra spot to lounge when the sun is out! Fingers crossed that I can get it done in one day, too.