Smooth or Crunchy?

Growing up I refused to eat crunchy peanut butter. My favourite was the smooth kind from Jif, always with seedless strawberry jelly from Smucker’s. I don’t think I ever had an issue with eating my crusts, although I definitely preferred white bread over brown any day. For quite a while now, maybe since moving to the UK and discovering a ton of non-Jif peanut butter brands, I’ve completely flipped the script. Crunchy peanut butter is the way to go, and I always have it over toasted seedy bread. What would my younger self think if she could see me now? At least I haven’t taken a liking to pumpernickel bread because I think that would be a step too far.

Speaking of food, I’ve been a vegetarian for something like six years now. How crazy is that?! Honestly it’s not crazy at all. I hope I’m not one of those annoying vegetarians that espouses how great and morally pure they are for not eating meat. Like, yeah, I really do care about animals and think a vegetarian diet is good for a lot of reasons, but it’s also just been great for budgetary reasons. Also meat really grosses me out.

I’ve been thinking about my hair a lot more recently since it’s been almost a year since I bleached and dyed it blue. I think the last time I topped up the colour of my hair was maybe October or something like that, so it’s been fading pretty slowly since then. My hair has many greys in it (I’ve been going grey since I turned 22 and I love it) so I’m considering going lighter at some point. It’s not that I’m trying to hide my greys by any means, I’m just trying to think of the next steps for my hair. Maybe I’ll try going lighter in June, although I have been wondering what my hair would look like if I put more colour over all of it. I don’t know what colour I’d go for, maybe more of a purple would look cool? The thing is, I really like the blue that I have right now but I think I’m just a little bored with looking the same for the last year.

In other news, Alex made a chili for dinner tonight and I managed to snap a picture of Margot searching for his favourite snack: shredded cheese. Shortly after I took the picture he saw I had the cheese and the sour cream, so I kindly rewarded him for his excellent sniffing skill. It’s hard to resist Margot when he uses his claws to guide your hand toward him so he can sniff whatever it is you’re holding. Tonight he was particularly persistent with the sour cream spoon so he got a little boop on the nose with it. A treat, just the same.