Getting Down to Business

The new dehumidifier for the studio was delivered today! It’s double the capacity of the other two I already have, and when I plugged it in at home for an hour before I left I was surprised to see that it had already pulled some moisture out of the air. I also bought a couple of new hygrometers so I can monitor the humidity at the studio, too.

I spent the afternoon at the studio filming some videos and packaging orders. I’m going back tomorrow so hopefully the dehumidifier has pulled enough moisture out of the air so I can make one or two batches of candles. I’m also trying to track my hours while I’m working! Since I don’t pay myself a wage for my work, I never thought to keep a timesheet. It’s been interesting to see how much time I actually put in at the studio each time I go. It seems like I spend roughly five hours at the studio each day and that’s certainly not nothing!

For dinner tonight we had burrito bowls which were really tasty. I’ve made the switch to low fat greek yogurt instead of sour cream for mexican food and so far I think it’s really going well. Previously we tried fat free plain yogurt but the consistency and taste wasn’t quite right.

I had a thought a little while ago about giving the dining room a little makeover and yesterday I had an idea of how I would do it. Right now two of the walls are emerald green and the other two are a cool medium grey. We have a lot of brass, white, and wood tones going on in there and I don’t want to change any of the decor, so what I’m thinking is painting the walls cream and a sort of sandy-beige. I would also do a mural with arches and circles using the two colours. I think it would be a simple change but I could see it really brightening the space up! Not planning on taking this project on anytime soon, though. I’m sure I’ll get to it eventually!

Alex took some cute pictures of Margot on the sofa this morning, and when I was outside in the garden surveying plants Margot was being extra cute in the catio. Also: check out how many aphids are on these weeds!! I should probably buy a bunch of ladybugs to help reduce the aphid population before they get out of control and start taking over my flower box.