Stressing Myself Out

I’ve been stressed out more than I thought I was and I didn’t realise until I started explaining what’s been on my mind for the last month. Basically it boils down to putting a lot of pressure on myself to be able to do so many things, and forgetting that I need to step back from some of the easier ones to be able to do the harder ones. It’s gotten me into this situation where I’m like “boy, I sure am exhausted mentally and physically!! Not sure why!” Only now I’m pulling back a bit and seeing that I’ve taken on too many things all at once.

One of the ways I can tell that I’m stressed is that I’ll notice an increase in picking my scalp. God, that’s grim to admit but it’s simply true. I’ve done it my whole life and only now connected it to my stress and anxiety. Speaking of anxieties, the social ones haven’t been bad at all recently. I’m sure that if I took a magnifying glass to every moment of the last month I’d probably find new or subtle instances where my anxiety took hold but at least it’s been manageable as a whole. Then again, maybe it hasn’t been as manageable as I thought?

Anyway, today has been particularly stressful with my second weigh-in and the launch of my newest candle for Bit by Bit by Sienna. The weigh-in was actually fine but the product launch was annoyingly difficult. After launching the new candle I basically got stuck down the FB Shops rabbit hole trying to reconnect to my Square website. It was a mess and somehow I got it to work in the end but I couldn’t tell you how! Literally just tried the same thing over and over again.

I didn’t make it to the studio today like I thought I would. I got back from the doctor’s and I just felt tired and unmotivated to drive all the way over there, plus the weather was dreary and wet. I feel bad that I stayed home, but I did put in a solid five hours of work regardless and I’m pleased with the results. The studio will be there waiting for me tomorrow.