Alone Time

I was supposed to go to my a birthday bbq for my sister-in-laws but I just wasn’t feeling up to socialising. I just feel really drained at the moment, so I decided to stay home. Before we were supposed to head over, Alex and I went to the garden centre to find some cute gifts for his sisters. There were so many beautiful flowers in bloom and it was really difficult for me not to buy any for myself!

Anyway, Alex went to the bbq without me and I stayed home to play The Sims 4 and make my own dinner. We got a new recipe book for one pot meals so I tried one out. It was pasta with chickpeas, olives, onion and tinned tomatoes. It was really filling but the recipe definitely needs more seasoning.

So that’s basically my whole day. I feel bad for skipping the social event even though I know everyone understands and doesn’t hold that kind of thing against me. I guess I kind of hold it against myself more than anything else. Sucks but hopefully I’ll get over it sooner rather than later.